Chandan MTB Challenge Kuala Kangsar 2015

It’s the first time that the name Chandan MTB Challenge was used for the race that will be held annually in Kuala Kangsar.

A total of 1,530 participants, with riders from Thailand, Italy and the UK, were flagged off at 7.30am by Adun Bukit Chandan YB Maslin Sham, Parliament Kuala Kangsar Dato Wan Khairil and Perak Exco Dato Shahrul Yahya.

Without the entire commitment of the organizer and the other supporters, Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat Dun Bukit Chandan, Parlimen Kuala Kangsar, alongside Geckorider Kuala Kangsar, 3C, 3TR, Talang MTB and Sametok, this 47km+ race that covers 65% off-road wouldn’t have come to fruition.

The muddied track due to the heavy downpour the day before didn’t stop the riders from finishing strong.

Some of the event sponsors were Exitway, Ciclista, Bikeaway, and Cycling Malaysia as the official media partner.

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